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Fighting For Solutions

Posted by Joyce Kim on

Fighting For Solutions

Cover: Mama Hero Means Fighting For Solutions


Photo by Marie Gregorio-Oviedo


“Mama heroes don’t fight ‘bad guys.’ Bad guys and good guys only exist in movies and storybooks."



"As a working mama I train children and the adults who teach them, that a ‘bad guy’ is just someone with a different motivation and point of view. In the real world we face challenges that require teamwork and diverse perspectives to solve. Whether I am working with kiddos as a Teaching Artist in the Creativity Lab or as a parent in my own at home, I am constantly empowering them to be problem solvers!”




“Being a hero means trying and trying again even when we get an unexpected result. Being a mama hero is acknowledging where we got it wrong and demonstrating the resilience to keep adapting.”



Marissa Magdalena Sykes, at @MarissaMadeMe
August 2020

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