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A Superhero in Disguise

Posted by Joyce Kim on

Woman with a shirt on that has printed on "Mama Hero"
Cover: Mama Hero Means A Superhero in Disguise

"We knew raising #3under3 was going to be a challenge, so we hashed out a perfect plan with everyone who was going to help us and how. We had a nanny, a doula, a night doula, my parents, our friends, and neighbors. The whole plan collapsed the first week we were home from the hospital, and I quickly realized we, mothers, are not meant to go through motherhood alone."

"The hard days are really hard and break my confidence. But the good days are really good and I feel invincible. Sure, I don’t have any other choice but to wake up at 2 AM to pump while husband feeds the babies, and then wake up at 6 AM when our toddler is ready to party, wear one baby through breakfast and then another through lunch. Then clean bottles, change diapers, put the laundry away, remember to eat and oh yeah, once in a blue moon maybe shower. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because a smile from them makes everything worth it."

"Recently a man whom I barely know told me that he was in awe of what I was doing, keeping three little humans happy with no breaks ever, and fulfilling all their needs...well, most. My toddler thinks he should be watching waaaaaay more Daniel Tiger than we allow him to. He added, 'You are basically a super hero.' Hearing that from someone who doesn’t know me, but clearly sees the immense effort we are putting into this whole parenting thing while living through a global pandemic, was what I needed to hear to keep me going as I realized that all moms are super heroes. The world is just now finally noticing."


Conz Preti, at @conzpreti

June 2020

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