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“Everyday is different for us. I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom of three (ages 4, 3, and 8 months). Some days we have fun playing, singing and dancing. Then there are other days that are not so much sunshine and rainbows. It’s the complete opposite: more tantrums, mood swings and the children being uncooperative. During those moments, I take a few minutes to hide. I tell my kids, ‘Mama has to go potty’ and then I resort to the bathroom and cry. I tell myself how hard it is and I allow myself feel those emotions. Then I wipe my tears, wash my hands, flush the toilet, and go back out into the room with a smile on. ‘Hey guys! Would you like to draw and color?’”





"During this postpartum season and trying to heal from my miscarriage prior to my rainbow baby, there are more hard days than good days. But despite all the mess and the tears and the constant self-doubt, I look at my three children and am in awe that they are mine. That they call me ‘Mama.’ And I can honestly say that being called by the name 'Mama' is the greatest feeling in the world. To be loved, unconditionally. To be forgiven, time and time again. And to be admired by your children who are a part of you. That is so wholesome. I don't wear a cool superhero cape, but I believe that in my children's eyes, I am their hero."




"Their hugs make everything better again.
Their kisses give me butterflies.
Their love gets me through.
Their ‘I love you, mom’ is everything.”


Luci, at @desertmamaofthree

May 2020



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