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C A R E  G U I D E

How well we care for our clothing has a huge impact on maintaining the integrity of the fabric, thus ultimately impacting how long our pieces last. A little care goes a long way!
To preserve the integrity of the fabric + longevity of your pieces:

L A U N D R Y   D A Y

  • Zip up any zippers.
  • Turn garments inside out before washing. When garments are tossed around in the washer and especially the dryer, the abrasion between the fabrics can cause pilling.
  • Wash in cold water with similar fabrics and colors. The cold water will not only help preserve colors but will also help reduce energy usage. Do not bleach.
  • Lay flat to dry. Drying them in the dryer may cause slight shrinkage and may cause pilling due to fabric abrasion. **Organic cotton apparel is not treated with chemicals to reduce shrinkage in heat, so our tees and onesies will shrink in the dryer.

    B R E A S T   M I L K   S T A I N

    We recommend rinsing the stain in cold running water for a minute to loosen up the stain. The quicker the spot is treated, the more effective it will be in removing it! Afterwards, wash the garment in the washing machine (see specific instructions above, under "Laundry Day"). Sometimes, immediate access to cold water isn't possible. In that case, try treating it with a natural stain remover, like Puracy, and then washing it in the machine afterwards.

    Tip: You won’t want to run the stain under hot water. Since breast milk is protein, the hot temperature will cook the breast milk. 

    W R I N K L E S

    If you'd like to iron out any wrinkles, iron on a low heat setting on the wrong side of the fabric. You can use a 100% white cotton cloth in-between the fabric and iron for extra protection. *Please note that excessive ironing may create a shine on the fabric, and excessive heat can scorch natural fibers and cannot be salvaged.