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When I first started B L O O M A I R E®, I knew I wanted to partner with businesses who take pride in producing quality work, while paying their employees fair wages and maintaining safe working conditions. The commitment to manufacturing locally has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in this process because it has more easily allowed for open and transparent relationships.

The fabric is sourced from a family-owned company located a mere 10 minute drive from my home, and with more than 30 years of industry experience under their belt. The dyes used on the fabrics are low impact, azo-free dyes which reduce the toxic carcinogens in the environment and prevents the toxins from touching our skin. Moreover, the water used in the dyeing process is collected, cleaned and reused. (You can learn more about the signature fabric here). 

The clothes are cut, sewn and finished by a talented, honest and hardworking husband-and-wife run company in Los Angeles. Also close to my home, the half-an-hour drive allows for same day meetings, ensuring the products meet quality standards, and I’m able to see first-hand the work environment the small team of sewers work in. (It also allows for really fun Korean BBQ night-outs together!). Small batches are made at a time to prevent over-producing and creating extra waste. 

In addition, these small businesses have always warmly welcomed to the meetings this mama with a notebook and a diaper bag in one arm + a baby in the other. I’ve had to pause meetings and step outside for consolations, feedings, diaper changes, and whatever else you can think of (you name it, it’s happened!). They understand this is parenthood so I’m immensely grateful to be partnering with them.

This is our start. I know there's a long way to go but with goals set high, I'm excited to make positive improvements as we progress for the environment, the workers in the fashion industry, and the community of mamas who support and encourage one another.