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Photo of Joyce

H E Y  M A M A S,

I’m Joyce, the founder of B L O O M A I R E, wife to my best friend and mama to my 2 amazing kids and fur baby. That’s me up there in the Jo Jumpsuit and though you can’t tell, I was breastfeeding my daughter in it when that photo was taken. I want to welcome you here and share with you about myself and why it was important for me to pursue this passion of mine.



Four years ago, I was a new mom hiding in the backseat of my sedan. It was my first event back as a wedding planner since having given birth to my son. I had forgotten to pack a button down shirt to change into, so there I was, ferociously working that manual breast pump while nervously scanning the lot for wandering wedding guests. I had never been so grateful for air conditioners and tinted windows like I was that day, and that was when the intentional hunt for nursing-friendly attire really began.


The transition into motherhood was not what I expected it to be with its major hormonal and identity shifts, a morphing body that I was consistently reacquainting myself with, and the painful struggle of what I assumed would happen naturally between Mother and Child: breastfeeding. I felt blindsided, and waves of depression and mom guilt came crashing down in the thick of one of the messiest, most emotional and confusing seasons of my life.

I realized how much I dreaded feeding hours and the amount of joy it was consuming, so I gave myself permission to let go of this exclusively breastfeeding fantasy. The decision to pump and formula-feed didn't come easily, and I had to keep reminding myself of this truth: it didn't make me any less of a loving and caring mother. What was important was that my baby and I were happy and healthy and it was going to be okay.

During the months of pumping, stretchy tanks and frumpy tops were in heavy rotation but played no part in boosting this struggling self-esteem. What I came across were ill-fitting and of poor quality. Most were also made of 100% synthetic fibers that had 0% perspiration absorption, which meant the sweat from the heat surges was trapped. Gross!

Growing increasingly frustrated with finding ethically-produced and well-thought-out pieces, I started sketching designs that were not only beautiful and comfortable, but also versatile enough to do a multitude of activities in - like school pick ups, play dates, nap times, meetings, weekend brunches, errand runs, and night outs.




Fast forward 2 years to another baby + a handful of trials and errors later. Remember my favorite jumpsuit? Well, it’s a part of a small but thoughtfully-designed collection made for nursing mamas.  

At first glance the designs may seem straightforward, but each piece has been through countless revisions to achieve the right balance of simple silhouettes, feminine touches and functional details. Comfort is a key and integral part of the designs because I believe our bodies need to feel at ease in order for us to be our best and happiest selves. For over a year, I tested multiple fabrics and landed on a deliciously soft blend of Combed Cotton, TENCEL™ Modal and a hint of Spandex that allows the garments to fit and flatter without compromising comfort. Yep, it also means that sweat can travel through the fibers to be released, helping reduce odors and maintain an overall freshness. The nursing access allows for convenient feedings, and every design has a must for every parent: pockets! (You can read more about the businesses I've partnered with, here).



Throughout this process, I was mindful of you and me - the mamas who would be doing life in these clothes. It can feel like we're being pulled in a thousand different directions, many times having our needs and desires fall by the wayside. I for sure didn’t have the energy nor the desire to spend time raiding the closet for a decent nursing-friendly outfit to squeeze into. So I designed this collection with the hope that these pieces can be the everyday wear you can continually rely on for effortless, put-together looks that can help you feel more comfortable and confident. After all, less time worrying about what to wear means more time being present and focused on ourselves and our families - to love harder and to connect deeper. Mama, these pieces are meant for you - to be worn in, lived in, felt beautiful in. I’m so grateful you’re here.


W I T H  L O V E

From one mama to another,